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What does “buy here pay here” mean?

When you don’t have cash available to buy a car and have been turned down for a car loan due to bad credit or other reasons, don’t overlook the option of purchasing a vehicle from buy here pay here car lots. A buy here pay here dealer can assist by setting up an in-house financing plan. Here’s what to expect at a buy here pay here car lot.

Dealing with The AutoLink Inc may be easier than working with traditional car dealerships as we want to enhance your car buying experience. With pay here financing, you can make loan arrangements and payments on your purchase all at the same place. The dealership acts as a one-stop-shop for buyers that need financing.

Financing with most buy here pay here dealerships is easier but may come with a little higher interest rate. Suppose you are classified as a ‘high risk’ borrower. In that case, you will most likely have to pay higher-than-average interest rates. Here at The AutoLink Inc, we value you as a customer and don’t base our decision just on credit reporting. We take many things into consideration. We value your trade, your recent payment history, current income, other household income, and more.

But, getting approved means you can finally purchase that car you desperately need. At most buy here, pay here dealerships; you can even use the value of a trade-in as a down payment for the purchase!

About The AutoLink Inc.

Our specialty market is the buy here pay here Pekin, Illinois area. We are a locally owned and established dealership with over 17 years of experience. We accept all types of credit. We also offer easy in-house financing and other finance options. We want to give you peace of mind as you look for local auto financing. The AutoLink Inc is the premier dealer for buy here pay here Pekin and surrounding areas. Click below to start our free and easy application process or call us at 309-697-9800.

Buy Here Pay Here!

In-house Financing Available

It doesn’t matter if you have good credit or bad credit in your credit history. That’s why we have the best buy here pay here dealership in the surrounding area. We look at your overall potential to repay the loan, not just a credit score. We understand how things happen and people get into unpredictable financial situations. That’s why we have our buy here pay here Pekin Area program! Our loan application is free and very easy to fill out. We have several vehicle specials, certified preowned cars, and guarantee a reliable used car. Our finance center will work with you in everyway possible. We want to help improve your credit by offering credit approval where others don’t. Invest just a couple of minutes and see for yourself, there is absolutely no obligation!

Customer Testimonials

“It was amazing – I went from having no car to applying for the loan online and having a car in just a few short days. Everyone who helped me was totally professional and very helpful. The finance couldn’t have been easier.”

~Bob G.   Peoria, Illinois

“I think it took just an hour or two over 48 hours to get the car I wanted. The application was simple and your people were courteous and kind. It was very simple to get approved and get the truck I needed for work. Thanks once again.”

~Treavor S.   Bartonville, Illinois

“With the help of some of the finance people, I was able to understand my budget and work out how much I could afford to pay each month. I now have a great vehicle, manageable payments and no worries at all. Thanks so much for everything.”

~Tamara J.   Peoria, Illinois

“Thanks to the help your staff gave me I now have a truck sitting in my driveway! The finance was easy to arrange and I was impressed with the quality service. I wish I’d found you guys sooner!”

~Paige V.   Canton, Illinois

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